January 06, 2011

Some dress ideas

I have decided to start uploading some of my sketches for dress ideas! this one is my favorite, but the rest can be seen here. I have wanted a wrap dress for a really long time, and I picked up THE perfect teal rayon knit at Joann's when having a play date with Nicole. If you're in the south bay area, head to the Fremont Joann's. It's the size of a large grocery store, and is spacey and clean and has a nicer variety of things compared to the Cupertino store that I more regularly frequent.

I've decided that none of these dresses, whatever the weight of the fabric, will be longer than knee length. Right at or above the knee is most flattering on my figure and honestly most comfortable. Plus that leaves more room (in my mind) for boots, socks, and fun leg accessories.

there will be more drawings posting up here when I finish drawing them, and probably friday I'll post pictures of the process of manually grading my slopers to fit me.. again! I picked up 8 yards of muslin so I can deconstruct the successful fitting and perfect the slopers. I had to use curved waist darts on the bust of the floral dress but never changed my original sloper (which I DRASTICALLY miss-graded. it was terrible. So So Wrong.) so i'm going to pretty much go backwards for the slopers. I guess I cannot really call it grading then.. Oh well. Wish me luck!


  1. want want want an adorable wrap dress

  2. Nicely done on the blog updates! I can't wait to read more. Did you join burdastyle.com and patternreview.com?