January 24, 2011

My Life is Boring

I haven't posted in about a week now.. and that's beacuse my life is boring. I haven't done any sewing. I haven't done any anything really. This is just my "hey i'm not dead, guys!"

I've been going around buying fabric pretty impulsively. It was awesome :).


Oh yeah! I started school! I also accidentally drove all the way to school for a class that doesn't start until march! what the hell is up with classes that start partial way through the semester? I've got THREE of them.

I've decided my february dress will be a dress that i'm going to wear to meet my boyfriend's grandmother. This is her final trip to the United States. She had said before that she was not actually coming back after a family member here in San Jose passed away, but for tony's aunt and uncle's renewing of their vows and to meet the next generation of the family She is coming back.

She is an old woman, and is conservative, so I shall dress accordingly.
No cleavage! none! Not even any I can see of myself! Apparently it'll be seen as "showing off" because that side of the family is not very well endowed in the boob department... Don't wanna show off! Also my skirt will be going all the way down to my knees. I will be a lady. I will also be wearing either flats, or adorable short heels. Can't wait till you guys see the fabric and adorable dress I have planned! I maybe even want to consider making and wearing an underskirt!

not a huge one. just enough to add a leetle body to the skirt.



  1. The moulage class doesn't start until March? Bleh. You could tell us about how you managed to get lost driving home from LA. :)

    P.s. I want an underskirt, too!

  2. i want to know what a moulage is. also get a scanner so you can show us your fabreeks!!