January 06, 2011

People's Choice Awards 2011

I missed it on TV but i'm checking through photos and am killing myself! There were some great dresses!

Katy perry's Betsey Johnson dress was so adorable! I love the poof, and bright colors. The minute it hit my eyes, I fell in love. I love the elegant slope of the higher front hem of Selena Gomez's Irina Shabayeva dress (much like I loved Carey Mulligan's dress from the oscars last year). I haven't been following Project Runway for a while (too much dramz, not enough clothing construction) but It looks like there has been some serious talent coming through the show! Amazing.

I totally fell in love with emma roberts' nudey makeup, earrings, and shoes with her black ruffled mini. So chic, and adult. Ashley Tisdale's dress was gorgeous, but was too overwhelmed by her spray tan to really be appreciated (srsly gurrlll, you're pale. don't fight it!)

I loved the color of Annalynn McCord's shift, that bright teal is amazing, and the collar. It's an interestingly large cowl. I like Kaley Cuoco's white dress, it's hard to wear a floor length white dress without looking bridal, but I WOULD also like to just go over and hike it up a bit as it looks like it doesn't fit her properly and needs to be pulled up...

It doesn't look like there was much of a turn out this year for the People's Choice Awards, but gotta love how those who did dressed.

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