December 12, 2011


I was lucky enough to attend the BurdaStyle Book Launch Party in San Francisco with Nicole tonight, and It was GREAT! I had so much fun! We decided that since it was a sewing community event, that we should wear dresses we made ourselves, and boy was I glad we did! We looked great in our dresses and they got us noticed! We met a lot of great people in the sewing community, and the industrial side of the fashion/sewing world!

Nicole was amazing as always and even gave me an early christmas present! She bought me a copy of the Sewing Handbook we were there to party about, and even got it signed by one of the authors! I know, she is way too good to me. We got to meet some reps from mod cloth! and see a beautiful dress they were giving away.

We picked up lots of swag including buttons, stickers, business cards, lego earrings (you read right! curtsy of Instructables!), a really well illustrated measurement chart, and a little quick made satchel! They had some food and wine (good wine too, it was yummy) and my some food I mean it rocked my little foodie world! They had The Créme Brúlée Cart (nutella and strawberry creme brûlée!? amazing!), gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches a la Here, some delicious vegetables and hummus, and a nice variety of cupcakes (not sure who by though, shame). They even had a photo area!


This was the first real fashion event I had ever been to, and it was so much fun! I looked good, I networked successfully, and ate some DELICIOUS food. I am excited to open up this new door in my fashion life.

BTW, You can bet I totally plugged Cañada College. That school has taught me more about sewing, philosophy, body awareness, society, and myself than I could ever have imagined. Those students and teachers (and assistants!) have helped me feel confidant about my skills as a pattern designer, seamstress, and about my body. They don't make fun of me, and they offer only realistic, good-natured constructive criticism. When I was a bit younger my happy place was a hillside way up where no one would come disturb me and my thoughts, and now it's that classroom. I cannot thank anyone enough for letting me experience the greatness that they provide.

November 22, 2011

Fitting and Repurposing

So I never actually took any pictures of the celery dress that I made for my sister, and I only finally have because I've done some adjusting to the dress to make it fit her so much better! My techniques of fit class is invaluable. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at ready to wear the same again. And normally you want to leave about 2 inches of ease in the skirt around the hips, but Katy and I both prefer more closely fitted clothing. So after adjustments I present to you, The Celery Dress!

Ya! very stylish, we worked together to design the dress so it's a collaborative project if anything, but I have no problem sharing credit. Katy has excellent taste in clothing, and frequently we both have a desire for something that will be in style in a year or two.

The other day, one of my classmates came in the room in an adorable skirt! long, loose but still fitted to her, and looked so comfortable! After speaking with her, the teacher heard us talking about it and told us to ask her how she made it, "You'll never guess" She said. Turns out it was an old sweater of her husbands, and all she did was cut off the sleeves, collar, and take it in on the sides a couple inches! she added some fabric where the sleeve holes and necklines were because they created an odd looking hemline, and it's so adorable! I asked if I could post about her, and she said yes! I think this is just a great idea for re-purposing something that you would otherwise be getting rid of. There are so many ways to recycle old clothing or fabric, and while I'm not a fan of those no waste patterns (too many different grain variations in the garment for me. it'd hang so strangely.), I really do love taking old clothing items and redoing them for myself. You guys may remember about five months ago when I showed you the emerald green shirt I made for myself. What a great use of a T shirt that Tony wanted to get rid of! I even have a few more I cannot wait to get at once I have more time!

I'm working right now on more things for my techniques of fit class. We're trying to create a perfectly fitting bodice and skirt pattern for ourselves, and I've got the skirt down! Right now I'm working on the bodice (the hardest of the two) and I cannot tell you how many times I've had to do a "Full Bust Adjustment". Lemme just say, all patterns, no matter what size they are, are designed to accommodate only a B cup. I am so, so far away from a B cup. My teacher even joked yesterday "Is there a bust dart that fits you?" because we just keep trying and adjusting, and trying and adjusting.

Once I get the bodice pattern to fit me (it's got to be before this time next week :\ ) I'll be drafting my lab garment and my final garment for Advanced Flat Pattern! I showed you the design for the final garment last post, and I've recently decided to make my lab garment a slightly altered version of my Peplum dress! It was so successful and flattering that I could not limit it to one dress! So I've got this beautiful double layer fabric that is the perfect chocolate brown with intermittent orange flowers. They're kind of a warm sunset orange. Not too bright. the top layer is attached to the brown under layer creating a quilted look, but instead of just lines of quilting, it's actually hearts! it's so cute, I cannot wait to show it! The plan is to have the lab garment finished in time to wear it to thanksgiving actually.. It'd be perfect! Katy wearing her Celery Dress, me wearing my Autumn Peplum dress! Such a well dressed family. ahahaha.

That heart bustier for draping class came along quite perfectly! it was awesome! Since I've made an official pattern for it, once I get my personal fit sloper worked out I can working out the pieces in my size, and then next semester when I'm in the Bustier Class, I'll be making this for myself! I'm thinking a deep red for the heart, and probably either a black, brown, or ivory color for the rest of it. not sure. Oh well! Either way it's going to look amazing, and I'll have made it myself.. there is going to be so much boning in that thing... But Believe me, once it's all finished and sewn up, you WILL see me in it! I plan on wearing that thing out!

Alright well I've got to get started on all that pattern work so I bid you Adieu!

also please forgive me if the HTML coding gets annoying this blog is basically a live broadcast of me learning HTML. yay for Internets!

November 10, 2011

Been a while!

I have been SO BUSY with school. I've been doing a lot of fun stuff though and definitely a lot of sewing! I made myself a cute sundress for next summer, but I didn't get a good picture of it yet (too cold to wear it!). I took advantage of the pattern work I did on that summer dress though and made myself a wool winter dress!
it's a simple strapless bodice top and flared skirt but there was barely any fabric so I had to make the bodice in pieces instead of one whole front bodice, whole back bodice, and whole skirt front. You can tell in the picture the skirt front is two pieces. It was a good move for conserving fabric and most of the time in person no one seemed to notice it until we were talking about it. That made me pretty happy. :) You'll notice i'm wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath! I haven't lined the dress yet because I haven't got enough lining material to do the dress, my jacket for my Tailoring class, and also it's been damn cold! Since it was cold and I wore the dress to a hockey game I also wore tights (and a nice red coat, not shown).

heeeeeey it's my halloween costume! I was a My Little Pony, but I didn't want to sew the "cutie mark" onto my dress so that I could maybe wear it some other time where a lot of cleavage is ok ahaha. I curled my wig, a LONG arduous process, and made my horn! I bought some "pluffy" molding clay from Michaels, baked it for too long, and then painted it white. It was a little tricky attaching the horn to the wig, but after about 45 minutes of fidgeting i got it to attach and stand upright!

It was a pretty successful costume. One kid didn't even recognize me as a unicorn! ahahahahaha. Made me laugh. We only got three trick or treaters though and it was sad.

I am definitely having fun in my draping class! Its been really easy but also very interesting as it's opened up my creativity for pattern making and design! we had to do a princess seam bodice and this is what I did. very simple, but since everyone else did the traditional middle of the shoulder seam to middle of the waist, I feel pretty good about it.

I'm also doing this! yes that IS a heart bustier, and yes I think it's adorable. I'm gonna sew it up as an outside layer of muslin for class, and then next semester I'm taking an actual class on how to make a Bustier, os since I get that one made, I'm going to ACTUALLY make myself a legit heart bustier!

I've also been working on some illustrations for ideas for more dresses to make! I knew I needed to do something awesome for my lab and my final project for my advanced flat pattern class, so I've been trying really hard to come up with something that I liked, and that would also hopefully be good enough for a wedding I get to attend in january!

I toyed around with the idea of some tea or knee length dresses

But then I decided on something floor length when the invitations came and said Formal!

forgive the melty face illustration, i'm not very good at faces still. i'm imagining it in a jewel tone or a subtle shimmery gold.

I've still got a lot of work ahead of me on the dress, Katy's dress, my tailoring jacket, my tailoring skirt, and my bodice and skirt for techniques of fit.again, I'm feeling pretty dang good, but I know there's still al lot of work ahead of me. Wish me luck!

September 08, 2011

What I've been working on

So i started school!

I've made a wrap dress, but only partially. I need to finish all the edges, fix the bust darts and then finish attaching the outer wrap layer. Once it's done, i'll post a picture of it. it's great!It's in teal knit and it's a little cleavagey but the hemline is below the knees.

I've still made zero progress with Susan's dress.. :(

I'm working at making a jacket for my tailoring class! I'm making C. One of the many amazing assistants did this jacket for her tailoring class many years ago and was very excited that I decided to go do the same thing (it's the perfect Chanel jacket, hello!). I made a copy of the pattern pieces and did a tissue fitting today in class! It was pretty cool, Kathleen was rushed but it turns out I had pretty few changes to make! I (like always) need to take in the seams where my pecs would be (LOL muscles) let out the side seams over the hips a weeeee bit. like 1/4 of an inch. and I need to make a 1/2 inch Full Bust Adjustment. Story of my life AHYAKNOWWHATIMEAN?? ahahaha my boobs are too big and causes my hemline to go up in front. That should be easy, then I have to make it up in muslin! yay!

For my Advanced Flat Pattern class I had to do a Presentation board for a sample line of clothing, including at least one outfit illustration as a plan to be made for my final garment! I'm pretty confident about my illustration skills and I think it turned out ok! I based it on Mad Men (I know, I'm so creative) because I saw the Mad Men collection for Banana Republic. The mens collection was nice! classy clothing with sleek lines, simplicity, and style. I love 50s style. The women's collection on the other hand... pitiful! it's all a-line super mini skirts, the sad same silhouette shift dress, a lacy tank, and too much leopard print. it made me pretty angry.. SO I drew up some dresses and a nice pair of pants! it's only five outfits so it's four dresses (one you will recognize, ahahaha) but I had fun! it's a terrible picture but i'll get a better one when I show it in class next week!

Here you can see my loverly cat Elvis helping me. he's so helpful.

I've already got some big plans for halloween! I'm making costumes for me, Susan, and another friend! We're going to be twisted disney princesses! Susan will be Ariel, Other Friend will be Alice, and I will be Jessie! (I know she's no princess, but she's redheaded)

I stopped by Joanns today and picked up some beauuuutiful remnants today! I don't know what to with the fabric yet though! Tony wants me to make a pencil skirt, but I think it'll make a much better top. if I could I'd say i'd even prefer to make a bustier out of it (it'd be so sexy! and shiny!) but i don't really want to buy a pattern and add ANOTHER item to make on my already pretty long list. helps?

BTW the one on the right is actually double sided that's why you can see both sides!

July 09, 2011

The last Month or So

I may not have been posting on here, but for once that doesn't mean I wasn't sewing! I have been taking advantage of fabric sources that I already had at my disposal, like my boyfriend's old shirts, and old bed sheets, and have been having a good time with it!

The Boyfriend shirt I did in early June. I cut off the sleeves (which I now use for headbands/bandanas in my hair) and then cut out the plain shape I wanted the shirt to achieve. Again I had some poop luck in the neckline area, and it was HUGE. it was enormous over my collarbones. I had to take it in if I didn't want it falling right off. So i did an inverted V released darts combo. I think it looks awesome. It's a little... oddly placed since I have really large breasts, but it makes it fit well and added some chic style that I didn't think of before, and really love now. I posted it onto and there was a general consensus that it was too tight around the chest and the darts looked funny, but I for once don't care what they said! I think it is amazing and so much fun. it really takes such a casual fabric and clothing article and makes it just that little bit more dressed up.

I then was lucky enough to find about 5 yards of a bright yellow mid-weight synthetic crinkled fabric that I fell in LOVE with. I originally wanted to make a plain, tiered skirt maxi, but I quickly realized it was the wrong fabric for that. I instead folded the yardage in half, gathered it a LOT at the half line (aka the shoulders), and then gathered it EVEN MORE in the shoulders (two different layers of elastic thread and gathering). I sliced into the shoulder to create a V-neck, and did two rows of elastic thread smocking around my waist line. From there I just cut it at the bottom and wore It out! it may be a bit heavier style fabric than typical for this style dress, but I totally love it!! It's perfect for the hot weather that has finally landed in California. I loved this dress so much I've decided to go another direction for my wedding dress (which is still far in the future but it's nice to look)! This is my Official June Dress.

And finally, and most recently I made a dress from Bedsheets! they weren't fancy sheets, just plain 200 thread count oens from Target. You know the ones, marketed at kids going away to college. Well mine were teal and my boyfriend demanded an upgrade to a less girly color and higher thread count. So instead of throwing them away I insisted we keep them so I can do something fun with them. I attacked the fitted sheet first by completely removing like elastics (which became the perfect play things for my cat, Elvis. like teal snakes, he goes insane!!) and then cut out the pattern pieces for the top. This was my first dress with a crossfront like this and I think it went really well! I was really proud because this was my first real attempt to line the top and I did it pretty successfully. You can see some puckering and pull lines, but that's because I did separate lining and not underlining. If I had done underlining I think it would been smoother. I also think I may have been better off waiting to see where the cross pieces crossed before tacking it up in the middle of the bust, but hey At least now I know. I then measured out two large pieces for the skirt and used more elastic thread to do gathering on a panel for the back. I made two huge mistakes here, though. I made the top skirt piece WAY too long, and not wide enough (originally I was going to make this a floor length skirt and realized quickly the teal was a bit too bright to do a full dress of it), and I made the back panel way too wide. I couldn't find my seam ripper, so I literally just cut straight through the middle skirt panel and brought the cut edge up the waist line (about five inches removed). But the back panel fit the skirt width properly, so when I took in the panel I had to creatively minimize the fabric in the skirt.I decided to go with a box pleat in the center back, and it turned out pretty well! it didn't get too bulky above my butt, and gave it better width around my hips. It was surprisingly easy despite all the working and reworking I had to do on the dress. To add some pizazz I sewed on some matching teal ribbon that I had lying around. Yay Official July Dress, not at the very last minute!

Now I plan on moving on to the Rayon wrap dress I want to make myself. I have insisted to my sister that I must do my own knit wrap dress before I even touch her fabric because my fabric is 8 dollars a yard rayon from Joann's, and hers is beautiful japanese print silk knit from Britex for $150 a yard. There's no way I'm not making a trial run for this. I would KILL MYSELF, before she could even kill me for wasting fabric by messing up. After doingthe cross front for the teal dress I feel pretty good about doing it in knit. It'll be so much easier since it's knit, and will barely even need any darting at the waist! I'm pretty excited now for it.

I almost forgot! Before I even get to that I have to work with my group in my Fashion Entrepreneurship class! We're writing up a business plan for a store, ours is a Vintage Reproduction Bridal Boutique, and for part of the business plan we have to create a sample, in our case a dress! I've got to work with my group mates to demolish a Jessica McClintock dress and some yards of lace into a vintage dress! It'll be fun, I'll probably post a picture of the finished dress on here.

June 07, 2011

Teen Sewing at Cañada College

So my school, Cañada College, has a summer Teen Sewing class. Tuition if free to those still enrolled in high school, and it's a great opportunity for anyone who has wanted to learn to sew but doesn't have relatives or friends that know how, and even if you already know some basics about sewing there is still a lot to learn and gain from this class! It's Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:10 to 4:00 pm, June 21st through July 28th.

There are also some great classes this summer that I will be taking as well that I mentioned last post. Along with the Basic Serging, Beginning Teen Sewing, and Fashion Entrepreneurship classes, there is Beginning Clothing Construction (even experienced sewers loved this class, because they still learned a lot!), and a class called Copying Ready-To-Wear. Copying ready to wear is where you already have basic sewing skills and you are taught how to make a pattern of your favorite store bought article of clothing. The teacher, Lynda Maynard, also helps you create the pattern so it's better fitting for your specific figure if at all possible. From that pattern you can make it over and over again in whatever fabrics, colors, and weather styles you want! 100% valuable!

I hope you guys don't get tired of my talking up my school this much because honestly, it's AWESOME, and not enough people know about it.

June 03, 2011

I am a terrible Blogger

I barely ever post now! I've finished with school and had about a week off now, and I have missed having free time. I did in fact sew a dress for May, but it was my sister's celery dress that was truly supposed to be finished by march... I am so lazy. I've got quite a few dresses and garments planned for this summer, I wonder which ones I'll actually get to! I've already started working on a Cape for winter. It's going to be adorable!

I've also planned to get a head start on the Halloween costumes that my friends and I will be wearing this year since they are all going to be custom drafted, made, and fitted for each one of us... and that's kind of a lot of work for such a lazy person.

we will be delighting San Jose with Disney Twisted Princesses!

I will be Ariel,
Susan will be Jessie the cowgirl,
and our third friend will be Alice.

it's going to bloody, sexy fun.

this summer at Cañada I am excited to be taking a Fashion Entrepreneurship class! This will help me learn the ways to make myself a better business woman in the fashion world! I will also be taking a basic serger class because as it turns out I don't know how to work my serger all that well. ahahahaha.

Here's to summer vacation, even if the weather says fall!
(i'll be honest, it's just like my old home town without the fog!)

April 09, 2011

Ruffles and Stuff

I was stumbling around on the internet and found this adorable blog called Ruffles And Stuff. She has some great posts about design, and does some awesome tutorials on how to add pizzaz to clothing. She does a lot of refashioning, and I in particular LOVE this cardigan she modified.

It's so cute and all she did was add collar detail!

she also did a really great post about extending the life and wearability of her daughters clothes. some of those ideas I might even add to my own wardrobe.

Honestly I keep going through all of her old posts (apparently the blog doesn't get updated anymore?) and most of her style is so darling I just want to do it myself. You should check it out.

Ruffles And Stuff

March 29, 2011

Completely Unrelated to Sewing

This is my review of the movie Sucker Punch.

I was really excited to see it, because the trailers had made it look so epic! The costumes looked.. standard for this kind of actiony flick. Lots of skin, not much design. Very anime like. I ended up seeing the movie twice.

Here's the summary from

Sucker Punch is an action-fantasy hybrid that tells the story of a young woman known only as "Baby Doll" (Emily Browning). In an engrossing prologue, we're introduced to Baby Doll's plight; when her mother dies, she and her sister become the targets of their sadistic stepfather. In a tragic twist, Baby Doll is involved in an accident that lands her in a dilapidated mental institution. Unable to accept her new reality, Baby Doll escapes into a fantasy world in which she imagines that she and the other female patients (Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, and Jamie Chung) are beautiful dancers in a burlesque theater.

Even in Baby Doll's parallel world where she and the others are gorgeous seductresses, there's still danger from the evil club owner. Fixated on escaping from the theater, Baby Doll learns from a mysterious mentor that she needs five tools to earn her freedom. The other girls are willing to help, and each time they retrieve one of the tools, they all disappear into a second fantasy world in which they're gun-toting, sword-wielding warriors tasked with defeating a variety of faceless enemies.

The story was so rushed that it felt like the whole thing was only half an hour long. the long fight scenes and strange "reality" of the "club" melt away in your brain to the point where you can only remember five or six plot points.

There was zero character development outside of the character of Baby Doll. It was a really hard story line to follow the first time through. I got really confused when the first transition into the fantasy world happened. It was pretty smooth and I didn't notice it, but that kind of plot manipulation has to be made more easily recognizable or the audience will just end up confused, like I was. Or maybe I was just distracted, but still.

Every chance Zach Snyder had to make the characters look like strong empowered women, they instead became sniveling little crying girls! Baby Doll's face every time she started to dance made her seem like she really was unsure of herself, and was going to "regret this later". Blondie is a mindless drone to Sweet Pea and has no backbone when it comes to the only significant part in the movie she had! She has no courage of conviction and therefore doesn't follow through (I also don't like Vanessa Hudgens. so it's tough luck for her lol) Amber, when confronted with anything other than dancing around and being shiny, stands there in her miniskirt and cries. Sweet Pea is a coward. Every chance she gets to make her situation better, or stand up for herself she withers away to a voiceless wonder with sad puppy-dog eyes. Madam Gorsky does the exact same thing, except with a terrible accent. When the going gets tough, The tough ..put on miniskirts?

the costumes are boring. the dance costumes for "on stage" were the same tops and skirts they were already wearing in shinier fabric, with polished pyramid studs and flat metal pieces? they didn't even get creative.

Each time they go in search of one of the five tools they need for escape, the shtick is that Baby Doll will dance for them and they will be so mesmerized that the other girls can pickpocket them and none will be the wiser. You never even got to see this apparently amazing hypnotizing dance! All you ever see is the very beginning swaying back and forth of Baby Doll, then it transitions into her fantasy warfare. poop.

I give it two out of five stars

The Only March Post

just kidding! I may squeeze some extra posts in tomorrow or something.

So my official march dress was the dress Rapunzel wears in Disney's Tangled.

It looked relatively easy but I ended up being a bit overwhelmed. Grecia (who the dress was for) says it was great and she loved it, but I honestly think it could have been done significantly better. It was too purple :/ and plain and poorly made. I blame myself.

She loves it. I guess that's all that matters.

I'm still riding high on my finished garment buzz though and am itching to make something else. I've considered finally making my cape, but it's getting too warm. I also want to make a skirt, but I feel the weight of Susan on my shoulders, reminding me that I promised her a dress... oohhh but what's the point of sewing if it's not for me! lol.

my month has been so busy you guys! I have an amazing costuming class on wednesdays! My class is working with The Lamplighters, a theater group based in San Francisco, and we got to go to their official Costume Shop.


wall of hats.

I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE BIG HATS. They have a whole wall of hats. My boyfriend hates them. He really doesn't understand my love of big hats, but BOY do I love big hats. They have amazing hats.

Speaking of hats, I had a three week course the last three saturdays in Millinery! That's hat making! It was so much fun!!

this is my Buckram hat. it's covered in cotton, and I made it! the whole thing!
this is my fascinator! I assembled everything! So much fun.

I also did a straw hat but I don't have a good shot of it yet, so when i finally wear it out i'll make sure someone snaps a pic.

back to costuming class!

that's the panorama i took of the costume shop. it was so much fun. we used industrial machines, and got a tour of all the costumes that were being kept in the shop. So awesome. Also in that class we had a professional Tutu maker come in and show us his Ruffler. it's a specially adapted old sewing machine. It's also 400 dollars. but look how beautiful it is!?!

browsing around on stumbleupon i found a painting and I decided that the dress in the painting, while barely visible, is necessary to my existence.

I haven't been losing weight as quickly as I thought I would have since I started back at school, aaaaand its because I drink so much. I spend too much free time at Single Barrel, THE best bar i've ever been to. They make the most amazing cocktails. They cater everything to your specific tastes and its amazing.

sooo There you have it. My month. I promise i'll resume posting regularly so there's no more blog vomit like this again. :)

Yay sewing!

February 28, 2011


I'm hand stitching it to the fabric by threading the needle through the underside of the rat tail. It's really very time consuming, but is pretty therapeutic. It's a great thing to fidget with while watching TV for someone who always fidgets.

At most the length of the neckline measures 1'6". I bought 5 yards, and I don't even have a full foot left over of the rat tail!! I'm gonna have to buy at least 12 yards if I wanna do the skirt hem! Can't wait to show you guys the finished neckline. Then i'll do the hemline! and I'll probably slip in side seam pockets so the dress qualifies for my one of Three garments I need to turn in for my Designer Techniques class.

February 26, 2011

trying out a new idea.

After watching some demo's from my designer techniques class I decided to try using rat tail to give my new black plain shift dress some creative edge.

it took over 40 minutes to pin it onto the dress and my foam board.
and then it even took 20 minutes to stitch up to three or four loops deep. WAY longer process than planned.

wish me luck!

February 08, 2011


I haven't posted anything in a while because I seem to be still fighting off some illness. What ever this is, it is wreaking havoc on my nose.

In other news I went and got some makeup from Ulta yesterday with a friend and found my so-far-the-best concealer! I've been using Almay's Clear Complexion Concealer and it's taken me a while to realize that either I am too pale for life, or it's just to yellow for me now. Instead of concealing under eye darkness it draws attention to it. And after going shopping with my cousin Molly at the MAC store and seeing a concealer that she passed up work MAGIC I decided mine just was not cutting it. Unfortunately for them I was not about to go back into that crazy MAC store for a concealer that I didn't even try on myself. If the one I just bought doesn't work after a while I think I'll finally cave.

I went to Ulta, like I said, and found a great concealer by Lorac. It's the ".5" color, indicating that I am so pale, that I don't even require one whole unit of color in my makeup. I'm ok with that. I found it pretty amusing actually. But honestly the stick is the right color and as far as I could tell with make up sponges, the right consistency as well. The highlighter is pretty cool. I dunno how much I'll use it under my eyes, but I'll probably use it on my cheekbones more often than not! It looks kinda silly but that's a rollerball at the top and it did actually blend the concealer pretty well after I had applied it pretty evenly with the makeup sponge.

Oh and I got more of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion cuz that shit is magic!

In dresses news, my next dress is officially THIS ONE.

yaaaaaah! It's gonna be awesome. And it's not for me.

February 02, 2011

The After-Construction-Success Garment!

don't you love my miss-matched socks?
I made a dress this time instead of just a top!! This blue knit dress is the dry run for the dress I want to make out of my black double knit. This was also the first run making a skirt from my skirt slopers, and I made them wrong.. I needed to make the darts longer than I did. And with knits I've decided I'm just going to start the pattern pieces with an inch off the side hem.
The knit pieces are always too large because the fabric stretches so much. The left picture shows the extra long darts I put in the skirt to accommodate for my low, big, round butt. The right picture is the finished product!

For the black dress I'll be lowering the neck line just a teensy bit more, and making the straps thinner.

I think i'll wear this dress tomorrow to class! :)

I got some aweeeesooooome earrings in the mail today from Forever 21. I love big costume-y jewelry and these earrings fulfill all of my big bold earring dreams!
The pink ones are the smallest, and the black ones are obviously the largest! Cannot wait to wear them all out and about, but I've got to get my ears used to heavier earrings again. Wearing the coral ones for a couple hours made my earlobes feel a bit painful.

Tomorrow starts my Portfolio Development class which lasts all month, and shall hopefully be invaluable!

That's all that's going on in school immediately, but obviously not all that's going on in the world. Can I just say news footage of Chicago looks like friggin RUSSIA! And even my friends in Texas are experiencing negative degrees!! I have rarely been more grateful to live in California, enjoying the wintery 65 degrees. Cheers!

January 31, 2011

Please Welcome... The February Dress

yes I am aware that it is not even february, but as soon as I had this fabric I was too excited to make a dress from it to wait!

I did the high neckline like planned (and again had to create tucks in the neckline because I had forgotten how to minimize the neckline for a sleeveless top, and had lent out my flat pattern book). Successfully fit the dress around my boobs, arms, waist, and hips! Hemming went smoothly after taking twenty friggin minutes to pin the skirt hem because it was so long.

There isn't much to say about it, except that I may have taken it in right above the bust dart (to help reel in the armhole) a bit too much, as it changes the shape of my chest in the dress. Otherwise I am TOTALLY happy!

also, check out my adoooorable new phone case!! I had a custom one done by Uncommon. It was kind of expensive but totally worth it!

Also also, please forgive me for terrible pictures. I have no idea why, but all of my pictures came out incredible noisy.