March 29, 2011

The Only March Post

just kidding! I may squeeze some extra posts in tomorrow or something.

So my official march dress was the dress Rapunzel wears in Disney's Tangled.

It looked relatively easy but I ended up being a bit overwhelmed. Grecia (who the dress was for) says it was great and she loved it, but I honestly think it could have been done significantly better. It was too purple :/ and plain and poorly made. I blame myself.

She loves it. I guess that's all that matters.

I'm still riding high on my finished garment buzz though and am itching to make something else. I've considered finally making my cape, but it's getting too warm. I also want to make a skirt, but I feel the weight of Susan on my shoulders, reminding me that I promised her a dress... oohhh but what's the point of sewing if it's not for me! lol.

my month has been so busy you guys! I have an amazing costuming class on wednesdays! My class is working with The Lamplighters, a theater group based in San Francisco, and we got to go to their official Costume Shop.


wall of hats.

I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE BIG HATS. They have a whole wall of hats. My boyfriend hates them. He really doesn't understand my love of big hats, but BOY do I love big hats. They have amazing hats.

Speaking of hats, I had a three week course the last three saturdays in Millinery! That's hat making! It was so much fun!!

this is my Buckram hat. it's covered in cotton, and I made it! the whole thing!
this is my fascinator! I assembled everything! So much fun.

I also did a straw hat but I don't have a good shot of it yet, so when i finally wear it out i'll make sure someone snaps a pic.

back to costuming class!

that's the panorama i took of the costume shop. it was so much fun. we used industrial machines, and got a tour of all the costumes that were being kept in the shop. So awesome. Also in that class we had a professional Tutu maker come in and show us his Ruffler. it's a specially adapted old sewing machine. It's also 400 dollars. but look how beautiful it is!?!

browsing around on stumbleupon i found a painting and I decided that the dress in the painting, while barely visible, is necessary to my existence.

I haven't been losing weight as quickly as I thought I would have since I started back at school, aaaaand its because I drink so much. I spend too much free time at Single Barrel, THE best bar i've ever been to. They make the most amazing cocktails. They cater everything to your specific tastes and its amazing.

sooo There you have it. My month. I promise i'll resume posting regularly so there's no more blog vomit like this again. :)

Yay sewing!


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY CELERY DRESS! I know you can crank that beezy out in like 4 hours. I'm pretty sure I even have lining but I'm not sure I want one. I need a slip.

  2. also i love how we both mentioned the barrel in our latest blog posts. TOTES OBSESSED

  3. I have lining. Actually I have fabric that would maybe make a good white slip. you'll have to check it out. I can do some good lining for the celery dress though if you'd like.