December 12, 2011


I was lucky enough to attend the BurdaStyle Book Launch Party in San Francisco with Nicole tonight, and It was GREAT! I had so much fun! We decided that since it was a sewing community event, that we should wear dresses we made ourselves, and boy was I glad we did! We looked great in our dresses and they got us noticed! We met a lot of great people in the sewing community, and the industrial side of the fashion/sewing world!

Nicole was amazing as always and even gave me an early christmas present! She bought me a copy of the Sewing Handbook we were there to party about, and even got it signed by one of the authors! I know, she is way too good to me. We got to meet some reps from mod cloth! and see a beautiful dress they were giving away.

We picked up lots of swag including buttons, stickers, business cards, lego earrings (you read right! curtsy of Instructables!), a really well illustrated measurement chart, and a little quick made satchel! They had some food and wine (good wine too, it was yummy) and my some food I mean it rocked my little foodie world! They had The Créme Brúlée Cart (nutella and strawberry creme brûlée!? amazing!), gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches a la Here, some delicious vegetables and hummus, and a nice variety of cupcakes (not sure who by though, shame). They even had a photo area!


This was the first real fashion event I had ever been to, and it was so much fun! I looked good, I networked successfully, and ate some DELICIOUS food. I am excited to open up this new door in my fashion life.

BTW, You can bet I totally plugged Cañada College. That school has taught me more about sewing, philosophy, body awareness, society, and myself than I could ever have imagined. Those students and teachers (and assistants!) have helped me feel confidant about my skills as a pattern designer, seamstress, and about my body. They don't make fun of me, and they offer only realistic, good-natured constructive criticism. When I was a bit younger my happy place was a hillside way up where no one would come disturb me and my thoughts, and now it's that classroom. I cannot thank anyone enough for letting me experience the greatness that they provide.