September 08, 2011

What I've been working on

So i started school!

I've made a wrap dress, but only partially. I need to finish all the edges, fix the bust darts and then finish attaching the outer wrap layer. Once it's done, i'll post a picture of it. it's great!It's in teal knit and it's a little cleavagey but the hemline is below the knees.

I've still made zero progress with Susan's dress.. :(

I'm working at making a jacket for my tailoring class! I'm making C. One of the many amazing assistants did this jacket for her tailoring class many years ago and was very excited that I decided to go do the same thing (it's the perfect Chanel jacket, hello!). I made a copy of the pattern pieces and did a tissue fitting today in class! It was pretty cool, Kathleen was rushed but it turns out I had pretty few changes to make! I (like always) need to take in the seams where my pecs would be (LOL muscles) let out the side seams over the hips a weeeee bit. like 1/4 of an inch. and I need to make a 1/2 inch Full Bust Adjustment. Story of my life AHYAKNOWWHATIMEAN?? ahahaha my boobs are too big and causes my hemline to go up in front. That should be easy, then I have to make it up in muslin! yay!

For my Advanced Flat Pattern class I had to do a Presentation board for a sample line of clothing, including at least one outfit illustration as a plan to be made for my final garment! I'm pretty confident about my illustration skills and I think it turned out ok! I based it on Mad Men (I know, I'm so creative) because I saw the Mad Men collection for Banana Republic. The mens collection was nice! classy clothing with sleek lines, simplicity, and style. I love 50s style. The women's collection on the other hand... pitiful! it's all a-line super mini skirts, the sad same silhouette shift dress, a lacy tank, and too much leopard print. it made me pretty angry.. SO I drew up some dresses and a nice pair of pants! it's only five outfits so it's four dresses (one you will recognize, ahahaha) but I had fun! it's a terrible picture but i'll get a better one when I show it in class next week!

Here you can see my loverly cat Elvis helping me. he's so helpful.

I've already got some big plans for halloween! I'm making costumes for me, Susan, and another friend! We're going to be twisted disney princesses! Susan will be Ariel, Other Friend will be Alice, and I will be Jessie! (I know she's no princess, but she's redheaded)

I stopped by Joanns today and picked up some beauuuutiful remnants today! I don't know what to with the fabric yet though! Tony wants me to make a pencil skirt, but I think it'll make a much better top. if I could I'd say i'd even prefer to make a bustier out of it (it'd be so sexy! and shiny!) but i don't really want to buy a pattern and add ANOTHER item to make on my already pretty long list. helps?

BTW the one on the right is actually double sided that's why you can see both sides!


  1. Double sided fabric mt favorite! (also hi! i <3 your blog!) I always mean to sew more but never get a chance!
    I was ariel for halloween a couple years ago and made the shell top out of a bra that I had. I don't think it is as good as yours will turn out but it worked well for me!

  2. That is exacty what I had planned to do. Just make a cover for a bra! Do you have any tips for Ariel?