June 03, 2011

I am a terrible Blogger

I barely ever post now! I've finished with school and had about a week off now, and I have missed having free time. I did in fact sew a dress for May, but it was my sister's celery dress that was truly supposed to be finished by march... I am so lazy. I've got quite a few dresses and garments planned for this summer, I wonder which ones I'll actually get to! I've already started working on a Cape for winter. It's going to be adorable!

I've also planned to get a head start on the Halloween costumes that my friends and I will be wearing this year since they are all going to be custom drafted, made, and fitted for each one of us... and that's kind of a lot of work for such a lazy person.

we will be delighting San Jose with Disney Twisted Princesses!

I will be Ariel,
Susan will be Jessie the cowgirl,
and our third friend will be Alice.

it's going to bloody, sexy fun.

this summer at Cañada I am excited to be taking a Fashion Entrepreneurship class! This will help me learn the ways to make myself a better business woman in the fashion world! I will also be taking a basic serger class because as it turns out I don't know how to work my serger all that well. ahahahaha.

Here's to summer vacation, even if the weather says fall!
(i'll be honest, it's just like my old home town without the fog!)

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