January 13, 2011

Elizabeth Slopers

Having fun at Fabrics R Us
Sorry I didn't post the other day. I've had a bit of a sinus infection and have felt like I'm losing parts of my brain through my nose. Today I made it without Dayquil the whole day which was awesome.

I went on another fun excursion with Nicole to a bunch of fabric stores around San Jose. We went to Thai Silks over in Los Altos, Eddie's Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale, and Fabrics R Us in San Jose. It was pretty fun, and I got some great knits. Three yards of black double knit, and a brick red with black fake lace. I figure it'll be cool for something reversible, or maybe I'll send it to Megan!

When we got home, we had to leave the house again because I hadn't had lunch and was getting shakey. We went to the grocery store and I got snacks and Nicole got dinner supplies. When we got back we had lots of fun getting back to work and eating :D

I love eating.

But so I finally and slowly got to making proper slopers for me! The Bodice pieces were much easier the second time around. The bodice back was almost exactly the same size as the ones we made for Flat Pattern (a pattern size ten.) but the front I had to work some magic on. I needed a crazy curved dart for the waist dart, and then the bust dart was really easy but had to take in much more fabric than standard. I also had to raise the waist in the front and the back. Odd thing is, my waist is higher in the back than in the front. After all the fitting changes I have a perfectly fitting Bodice front and back from which I can make all other pattern alterations!

The skirt on the other hand, I have drafted and cut, but don't currently have access to the sewing machine so who knows if it'll actually work out. I'm a little afraid I moved the darts over too much, and made the waist too high and sloped.

UPDATE: skirt totally fit! even over jeans! which means good things for skirt fittings :D

Hard to see, but that's my bodice front!
such a curvy dart!
I was given a present today. Nicole gifted me with an invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine! those things are expensive, just so you know. Or maybe I'm just cheap.. I wont pay more than 10 bucks a yard for fabric most of the time.

She really didn't have to, but she did it anyways. She is too nice to me. Letting me use her sewing room, and feeding me. I'm excited to use the foot on the zipper for the January dress. It's especially important that it be truly invisible this time since I'm doing a center back zipper and not a side zipper. I decided the best place to have the zipper go was center back since I cannot have it stop at the peplum on the side. It would disrupt the flounce of the peplum.

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