January 17, 2011

Introducing... the January Dress

Over the weekend I finished the January Peplum Dress! I am quite proud of myself here, folks. I still have the extra space up in the arm hole but other than that, the dress worked out perfectly! I followed nicole's advice and removed the zipper completely, and then detached one side of the back completely from the dress. And it worked! The back ended up practically flawless! I've hemmed all edges, the sleeve holes, neckline, peplum, and skirt hem. On the neckline and peplum I did two spaced rows of stitching. I planned to do the same thing on the skirt but got a chance to wear it out to my boyfriend's family's house to show it off. Also, after I had taken the picture I ended up taking in the sides of the skirt bottom to create a tighter pencil skirt (in the left picture I had it tucked between my knees to see if I liked it, and i did!). I never fixed the darts, but it doesn't seem like anyone has noticed and I'm not putting the dress up for a contest any time soon. I need to add some fusible fabric or interlining or something to maintain the stiffness in the skirt and peplum. I starched the fabric and ironed it, but the minute I sat down in it it was as if I had done nothing. I'll have to remember that next time I hang out with Nicole. Talk about which option is the best. I notice in the side shot that the back hem is slightly higher than the front hem! This was not on purpose, but I can't say I hate it.

It fits like a dream, I can sit and walk in it. I say "total success"
I deduct points for not double stitching the skirt hem, no lining, and because the crazy fabric is such a loose weave that it really needs to be serged.

I give myself an A- for January.


  1. Very sexy! Nicely done!

    Remember that horsehair braid stiffening stuff we were looking at when we were at joann's? A thin strip of that, or perhaps tulle or organza, stitched to the hem should give you the stiffness you are looking for.

    And slips are sexier than linings. Just sayin'.

  2. re: slips - seconded. also, where did those shoes come from? they're perfect!!

    this dress looks incredible. i was never a fan of the peplum but it looks so good! maybe it's because models (stick insects) wearing peplums just look wrong.

  3. Alright, so slips it is! You have a nice pattern for one don't you nicole? i figure I'd get a look at that and then see where i'd make my own changes.

    I remember looking at stuff like that at joanns with you nicole, but I don't remember what it looked like.. and yeah. I should go get that..

    Thanks katy! I was actually told already that someone doesn't think it flatters my figure very well but I think it emphasized all the best parts anyways :D

  4. ho and those shoes are Jessica Simpsons, from nordstrom rack.

  5. Amazing!! Could you please make me one? :)