January 04, 2011

2011 Dress-a-Month Challenge

I've been wanting to develop my skills as a dressmaker for quite a few years. When I graduated from high school I decided that fashion really wasn't a practical career choice, but after two years of non-career specific schooling and a year of corporate zombie-ism I have come back to fashion. I've been going to Cañada College in Redwood City for one whole term! woo! Even in so little time, I've already doubled my skills, and expanded my knowledge more than I would have thought to look up online, only making me want to learn more.

This year (2011), as a New Years resolution, I've decided to make a dress every month this year. I want to be a dressmaker for my career, so this is gonna be the kick in the pants I need to hone my skills, and build my reputation and portfolio.

I did a dress last month for my sister, Susan Beer Anthony, of old embroidered sheer white fabric that I inherited from my mother. It was for a final for my Flat Pattern class, and lucky for her, she is the same size as the dress form at the school!

After that I realized how easy it was to make a simple dress and decided to do the same for myself (a la the Selfish Seamstress)! I decided I wanted to try making a scoop neck though instead of bateau. I followed the instructions in my flat pattern book (Principles of Flat Pattern) to shorten the length of the neckline by 1/4" but it ended up not being enough. I made one 1/4" tucks on each side of the neckline to correct the gaping. It changed how the neckline looked but it also added some extra style!

You might have noticed i didn't finish the skirt hem on both dresses. I haven't figure out how i'm most comfortable doing it yet, so I'm going to be trying new ways with the first few dresses this year!

Cheers to a new, dress-filled year!


  1. Are you going to post your plan for this month?

  2. Some information on hems that you might like: