January 26, 2011

Both behind and ahead of schedule

here's that tank top I made a week ago.
It turned out really well, and the fabric is so nicely soft and lovely.

So this week i made my personal slopers Official by cutting it out in Oaktag!
It was really easy and totally worth doing because now an exact copy of my personal sloper to modify is something I can do with little effort and in less than ten seconds! I also did my skirt front and back, but I didn't do the bodice back because the one I already had fit me, all i had to do was shorten it.

I also did the sketch for the February dress! Again, this is going to be ultra conservative for my standard wardrobe. Just below the knee, and completely covering all cleavage. Even I wont be able to see any of my cleavage. No hussies here! I have to dress really appropriately because I am going to be attending a wedding (re-commitment ceremony) and I don't want to be too crazy looking. And again because Grandma Benitez will be there.

Aaaaand I also cut out both of the pattern pieces for the front bodice and skirt (uniform skirt all the way around means I only do one! :) ). I did only now just realize though, that I completely forgot to map out the bodice back piece, and I didn't bring my standard one so I cannot draw it out right here (at nicole's place). Poop.

But I can cut out and sew together the massive skirt, and do the same for the bodice front... Oh man. I am all kinds of forgetful! I don't even have a zipper for this dress! UGH. Joann's here I come! Looks like it wont be finished in time for this weekend, but I guess that means I can work tomorrow afternoon on Susan's celery colored shift dress. She will be happy about that.

Tomorrow I have textiles class! Woo! Gotta love learning about fabric. I need to know the names of stuff. Not knowing what to call the fabric I make a dress of makes me feel like I'm such a novice.

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  1. weeeeeeeeeeee celery shift!!! i can't wait to wear it with my toffee brown loafer heels and ivory beaded cardigan. springtime perfection!