July 03, 2013

... over a year later ...

In case you didn't realize, I've been gone! I've officially graduated college with an AS In Custom Dressmaking and Small Business Orientation, I work for David's Bridal as an alterations specialist, and am trying to bump up my work outside of that for custom dressmaking!

I'm doing seven bridesmaids dresses for a wedding in October, which I am so excited for! The bride has purchased the fabric and the girls all get to decide what designs they want to wear, so it's going to be a lot of creative work and just so handy that they will definitely have professional pictures taken of them! I've already done two dresses for the bride, and she liked the experience so much she recruited me.

For HER college graduation my cousin Karen asked for a custom dress (to recreate this adorable dress), I haven't gotten to actually see her in the dress but I heard she loved it, and am eagerly anticipating the photograph I asked her to take :)

I've finally gotten hooked on Reddit, and specially the subreddit /r/ABraThatFits. My own sister has called me a Bravangelist. Doing fittings for brides and bridesmaids at Davids has just made me SO AWARE of how poorly some women understand their bodies. even my own coworker tried to tell me she was a 38D and I asked her if I could measure her and she was a 34E... Ahh if only I could be everywhere with measuring tape.. LADIES, your boobs are relative to your ribs in that Ds are actually kind of small on small rib cages. Don't be afraid of bigger than D cups. As a 32H, I feel like my boobs are proportional to my body most of the time. If you want to double check your fit, here's the quick start guide to A Bra that Fits

I've got two more dresses I plan on cranking out before the end of July, one for a coworker and one for a friend, and if anyone wants to work with me, PLEASE let me know. I'm pretty cheap for custom dresses and I make house calls (if you're not too far).

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